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The day Instagram and Facebook went down a whole day, plus what I learned as a small business owner

Dear entrepreneur, this is why you should use your website and more than two social media platforms for your small business: Do you remember that time Instagram and Facebook went down a whole day on a Monday?

Businesses that only relied on Instagram or Facebook for marketing and sales were severely affected! Keep in mind, Facebook and Instagram are sister companies and they both went down that day. Entrepreneurs and business owners lost countless opportunities for sales and revenue. All because they relied on one platform for their income.

Imagine being a small business and loosing hundreds and thousands of dollars all because you didn’t have a contingency plan? That’s terrible! Well, I’m here to help so that doesn’t happen to you! Please add this task to your marketing to-do list. Besides Instagram and Facebook, check out Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and learn to market you business on there. You can totally drive sales through these platforms too!

Secondly, BUILD YOUR WEBSITE. Some business owners are quite happy without a website because they’ve gotten pretty far without it, but it’s never been a more vital time to invest on a website. Especially for the reasons we just talked about. Business owners should not only rely on Instagram or Facebook for sales and marketing.

Building your own website will give you control over your sales and revenue outcome no matter what social platforms go down. Your followers don’t just have to be on social media, they can follow you on your website too. I’m going to share a fact with you, I had real business owners complain that they had no access to their followers when those platforms went down. This got me thinking and I had to share this with you, because that would really affect me had I been in there shoes too.

I have witnessed business owners lose their Instagram due to their account getting compromised. Instagram account owners with 26k-35k followers losing all their hard work! And Instagram doesn’t always fix it. Here’s the tea, these small business owners had to start from scratch! This really hurt them! Imagine not being able to sell to the audience you worked so hard to gain? That’s so hard! Time to get prepared, right!?

A website enables you to grow an email list so you can still market and sell to your followers via email marketing! We all have an email anyway! Plus, you give an opportunity to those who don’t have social media platforms to buy your products or services. My favorite part about email marketing is that I keep my followers up to date with my latest tips, tricks and special promos. I even occasionally share some real-life stuff with them straight to their inbox. I like keeping it authentic. We are all people and need that real life connection.

Through my website they can get a hold of me anytime! After all, I designed my business to connect and help people grow. My vision as an entrepreneur has always been to create my own digital space online where no matter what happens on social media, I have a place for my followers to go and find me.

Did you know 84% of consumers think a website seems more professional than other businesses who just had social media? It’s true! Building a website adds a level professionalism and credibility to your business. I can attest to this! I am most likely to buy from a business that has a website. It really does something for me.

Your ideal audience can find your website on search engines when they are looking for your goods or services. When building your website you’ll need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This helps you with marketing and brand recognition. You want people to find you on Google right? This is your chance! With SEO your audience will be able to find you through words and phrases related your industry or business. For example, some people find me and my business by typing ‘Graphic design in Tri-Cities, WA’ and because of my strategic website content and keywords they are able to find me. Depending on how good your SEO is, that’s how search engines will rank you and how people will find you. If you’re intrigued and want to learn more details on this stuff, let me know and I’ll make a blog about it.

Almost 60% of the global population uses the internet and nearly 91% use the internet in the US. By the time I’m down writing this the stats will be much higher. The digital age has been here and this is your chance to pivot for your business! Successful entrepreneurs have an investor mindset and are willing to take risks in order to get a solid financial return. Are you one of these peeps? If you’re here.. I think you might be.

Your website will allow you to grow and market your brand. You’ll be able to tell your story, share your passion and make a living in the process. This is why it only took me 24 hours to make the decision and invest on my website after I left my corporate job. It was a no brainer!

A website is the face of your company, your digital home where you host the people you want to welcome. Through your website, your guests will learn about your business and why they should buy from you. You’ll be able to give them a limitless warm welcome with your personal twist. Pretty sweet right?

As an entrepreneur, I can wholesomely say that building my website changed my life forever. It gave me the digital store front I needed to get started on the right foot, professionally. If you’re still on the fence about getting a website for any reason, I would love to encourage you to let go of any fear or mental blocks stopping you. Taking that leap of faith is what will get you to the next level. Remember: “Life remains the same until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change.”

Are you ready to pivot and invest on your website? Let me help you. It doesn’t matter what time it is; you can call, text, or leave a message. (408) 212-6075


-Lisa | Founder & Creative Director of GoArtSplash

GoArtSplash, serving Tri-Cities, WA | Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and surrounding areas + virtually across the states

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