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NEW YEAR, NEW BLOG POST: Think different, think human.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

For the past five years we have been micro-blogging on social media. We found that you loved it! We got engagement, feedback, love, and connection. Thank you for sticking around and growing alongside us! Today, we are taking a step back from micro-blogging on social media to begin blogging more often at

Since you’re already here, we invite you to subscribe to our blog. When you subscribe, you get first dibs on our most recent blogs, which will be rich in marketing, branding, business tips and more! Basically, business realness and education that we assure you, YOU WILL put to good use!

First off, we can’t believe all the GREAT feedback you gave us. It turns out a lot of you are entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about learning and making moves. We have been listening and we are spilling some details you might want to know.

Dear Entrepreneur / business owner,

Society tells you to make good business decisions, and we agree! They also tell us to care for metrics and analytics above all else, this is partially true, but safety is not always in the black and white.

The elitists in the business world, can sometimes be very esoteric and that stuff just doesn’t help make room for entrepreneurs trying to hustle and grow. The truth is entrepreneurs don’t always get the support they need. Let’s face it, it gets lonely when mentors and support are not so readily available. Society has not only encouraged a non-empathetic mentality, but it has also influenced people to believe that there is a lot of competition and not enough money to go around. This is simply not true!

Although there is safety in concrete data, math, Pro Forma Financial Statements, and all those other spreadsheets that we can name, it can really take away from the humanness and integrity that we need as leaders to be successful in the long run. Emotional intelligence should be a requirement in business no matter what. Having a bias towards short-term metrics can easily remove a person’s humanness and move them in the direction of machine thinking. In other words, no feelings.

The point, think human and keep your human-centered approach at the forefront of what you do. Numbers are cool, but it’s sad to see employer’s overlook the miserable ambiance in the office all because they like that one employee, that generates the most revenue, regardless of his narcissistic and parasitic behavior. Leaders who are okay with this, make people think that bad behavior and poor emotional quotient (poor EG) are merely side effects of being “good at business”.

Success is awesome! But happiness should also be included in your goals list. What has helped me in business are the traits I have admired in my closest mentors: Empathy, kindness, curiosity, humility, gratitude, patience, discernment, self-awareness, just to name a few.. don’t get me wrong thinking in black and white gets people places and is still super important, but I feel that it’s distant from personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively, and harmoniously with people.

If you have questioned your empathetic, humane ways of thinking, because of selfish people in business, I’m here to tell you that YOU are just what the business world needs. Don’t lose sight of what’s valuable! Understanding how successful people are failing in the areas we talked about while in business, is innovative!

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year, and may this year be the best year of your life!


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