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Hey entreprenuer! If you're here, it's because you're a go-getter and you like to get stuff done! Now, you can checkmark "first-phase of brand strategy" from your to-do list!


Before any design work or logo concepts can be developed, we suggest you start with a solid foundation to get a great start. Strategy is HUGE in branding! This guide was designed to support you in brainstorming and will guide you step-by-step to understanding your business on a deeper level.


Having a solid brand strategy in place before any design concepts are developed enables you to attract the correct 'target audience'.


This guide will help you understand your target audience, the things you have to offer, and positioning. Additionaly, it will serve as education, so you may more easily determine the right direction for your brand! 


In order for this guide to serve you and your business effectively, we encourage you fill out the spaces we designed for you. Dont worry, we have included descriptions, examples, and instructions on each page, so we are confident you'll do AWESOME!


Ready to jump-start your brand THE RIGHT way? LET'S GO!!


Your 12 page PDF. download is ready to be saved or printed! 


Excited for you! 


What's included:

  • PDF. file
  • 12 pages (in landscape)
  • Descriptions+ instructions on each page 
  • Let's talk strategy insight page
  • Getting to know your business (part 1)
  • Getting to know your business (part 2)
  • Reflecting and getting to know your 'ideal audience' 
  • Let's talk about 'competitors' page
  • Creative Direction and visual identity (Part 1)
  • Creative Direction and visual identity (Part 2)
  • Suggestions / comments (notes page)
  • GoArtSplash support page with contact details. We're here for you! Contact us when you need us!


By purchasing this file, it's yours to keep! 

GROW your business with STRATEGY!



Downloadable 12 page GoArtSplash Brand Strategy Guide (Limited Time Item)

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